I Need To Know What To Do?

It was my daughters 12th last week and my sister has TOLD me she is taking my daughter out on the 30th. I had said “no” to today and the 23rd she then said “I’ll take her out on the 30th don’t make other plans”
This is so she can buy my daughter what she wants.. I had told her don’t bother maybe a voucher but she has said there is no other way and she will be taking her to get her present..
( See how that works I have to let my daughter go with her or my daughter misses out on a gift, my daughter isn’t bothered.)
My sister speaks to me as if I’m dirt, has no respect for me and has many many times exposed my children to our aunt who has said she’d like to punch their faces in..( that was in response to telling someone about some racist remarks she made.)
Every few months she used to ask my youngest (6) to stay the night, I started saying “No we have plans” Now she goes into the school and asks her at school. ( her son goes there as well)
2 months ago she left a message “Call me” I didn’t call her and within 20 minutes she was at my door, I explained I was sick her response “I’ll just get my kids” She then barged past me “Hello sweet cheeks oh don’t you looook lovely?” And gave my daughter a present she then said “You can come to mine next week. I Said “no we are busy” She then said “Well you can do that some other time.”
She keeps trying to make “Connections” with my children, my sister loves being surrounded by teens I think they all idolize her until they get to 20 or so.. But I don’t want my children idolizing someone who speaks to me and others like crap? And exposes children to people who have threatened abuse.
Last time my sister and I did anything together she was trying to get my 12 and 6 year old involved in calling me names.
What would you do in this situation?

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