I Need Work Cloths But Have No Money, Help! Uk?

I start work in 5 days but my old work cloths/Suit is too tight for me, never realized until today. I’ve already signed off from the jobcentre so apparently they can’t help me with vouchers unless I have a live claim, to be honest the minute I found out I had a start date for work I went straight to the jobcentre to sign off, without thinking. Does anyone know of any other ways to get work cloths without having to turn to loans.

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6 Responses to “I Need Work Cloths But Have No Money, Help! Uk?”

  1. jimmy says:

    loan of one of your family members?

  2. Photofox says:

    You can buy very cheap suits from Primark, Asda etc for under £100. If you have a credit card, you could pay with that and get the statement in a few weeks.
    Or try a charity shop?

  3. John Ashtone says:

    Down to the Charity shop, you will be amazed at what you can find.
    Shop around, some shops do clothes better than others, all should have fully cleaned them, but you will be surprised what gets thrown out.
    You should be looking at less then £20.

  4. Amy says:

    look in charity shops. you will find good clothes that people didnt want to throw away as they were too good. have you got any family or friends about the same size as you who could lend you some clothes?

  5. Farmer Lady says:

    Jo W above keeps on mentioning the Freecycle.org in many of her replies but in our area it is completely useless. It was found to be corrupt (the person running it was keeping the best stuff for herself and her friends) and most of the stuff advertised on it is usually not even fit for the dustbin. People were simply getting rid off their rubbish so that they would not have to waste their time and petrol in visiting the local council dump.
    Avoid Freecycle at all costs, it is corrupt, useless and full of rubbish that nobody wants.

  6. Spirt says:

    sew it your self

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