I Paid Rent In Advance?

I am living in MA right now, and I’m kind of in a trouble.
I was an international student and I didn’t know that moving in was so easy in Boston.
I found a Korean housing business, and they offered me a discount if I pay my
entire rent in advance. I had to stay in Boston for 9 months, so they offered me discount
and I paid up to 11,000 (which was stupid) before I moved in.
But before I moved in they told me that if I did not pay the entire rent this time,
then they could not guarantee that I could stay afterwards and that they would not
offer me the same discount in rent afterwards……
There are so many unfair conditions in this house, I though it would be a big room, but
the room is in a mansion, and they talked as if this was a place for tenants, but their family lives here with 4 babies ㅡㅡ……
Also my roommate lost his key in the house, and they charged him $400 dollars and did not return
the $500 security deposit when he moved out. The crazy thing is: The land lord is not changing the door for 4 weeks now….
Am I eligible for a refund on the basis of rental law? Or is it impossible to get the rent back?
I’m going through Boston city hall and everything, but I just wanted to make sure

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2 Responses to “I Paid Rent In Advance?”

  1. Landlord says:

    No, you are not entitled to rent back unless they evict you without any cause.

  2. Sagebrush Kid says:

    You need an attorney, or legal aid. Get it now.
    Did you sign a lease? For how long? Many details missing from your question……

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