I Plan To Move To La With An Associates Degree And Ssi. You Think I Can Make It?

My illness was chronic depression and anxiety. It was so bad I had to go on SSI. I feel that I’m getting better and am enrolled in vocational rehab to get a job. I’m 25yrs old. I will have an associates degree in business administration in Dec.. I plan to move to LA with my own car, about $1500 in savings, and some photography capital (Nikon D7000, lighting, backdrops). When I get to LA, I will have found a roommate for about $400 a month. I will be looking for full-time work in retail or sales (even fast food if I have to) as soon as I get there. Plus, I may be able to make some money taking headshots.
I think I’ll be able to keep my SSI. I dont want to declare sanity and relapse mentally, that’s what happened a couple of months ago. The place I live in and grew up in has contributed to my illness and I cant be here anymore, there is literally no future for me. For me to “succeed” here would be for me to end up being like a retail clothing saleman at JC Pennies. I’m writing my second book, and have concepts for a couple of more too. I like writing a lot.
I do have a plan, to get a job, and a room for $400 a month (with no utilities), and the monthly social security of about $700 a month. The $1500 in saving will take care of my traveling from KY to LA, and a deposit if I needed. I plan to establish a year of residency, then get into a california university to study for my bachelor’s degree, I’ll have like a 3.2 GPA as an associate in business.
So do you think my plan is manageable? I know i really need atleast $4000 to make the move comfortably. That is not an option for me, I have no family with money. My family is mainly drug addicts, mentally ill, and non-progressives that cannot help me financially (only hinder me if I stay here), and I’d really be crippling myself by staying where I’m at. I dont plan to move to LA to be an overnight success, only to perhaps capitalize on my writing skills, and I am more concerned with getting a job and earning a living. With my budget, does this seem possible?

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  1. Allison says:

    PLEASE! Stay in Kentucky! You don’t stand a chance of making it in Los Angeles on your income level. The cost of living here is roughly double that of Kentucky.
    Los Angeles is one of the MOST expensive U.S. cities to live in. Just to make the transition you’ll need $10,00-$15,000 cash in hand, and that will barely last you a couple months. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to live in L.A. on a minimum wage job (in Ca it’s $8.00 hr). You simply do NOT earn enough money.
    Also Los Angeles has a very HIGH unemployment rate. Well above the national average. Jobs of any kind are practically non existing. It is quite common to spend several MONTHS looking for work here.
    Forget those SCAM ad’s you find in Craigslist. You won’t find lodging in L.A. for $400 a month. Try closer to $1,000-$1,100 a month. When you’re living in a roommate situation the landlord, and L.A. County health laws, will require each person to have their own separate bedroom. 2 bdrm apartments go in the $1,500 range (and up) Half that is $750.
    I can feel for your circumstances, buy really, for you to move to Los Angeles has the word DISASTER written all over it. STAY in Kentucky.
    Ignore those who say “Follow your dream”. That won’t put food in your mouth, or a roof over your head.

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