I Quit A Job About 3weeks Ago & Now Im Thinking Of Going Back???? *best Answer*?

I was working as a PT sales associate at a clothing store & was there for about 3mths. Everything was fine & I actually had fun there, but my hours began to get cut when we got a new store manager. -_- so i began job hunting & eventually quit when i got a FT job offer at a law office in telemarketing. i ended up hating it!!! & now im jobless. im thinking of going back to the retail store because mah fiance & myself are both students with a 1yr. old daughter & our own apt. (enough said) but would i look stupid if i go back? we had to encourage customers to purchase our store’s discount card & subscribe for “free” magazines & i was one of their TOP sellers, often times being THE ONLY ONE who would sell magazines & never had problems. I also gave my two week notice when I left.. i just dont wanna feel like im “crawling back” u kno? do u think they’ll take me back without caring that i ditched them for anthr job?

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3 Responses to “I Quit A Job About 3weeks Ago & Now Im Thinking Of Going Back???? *best Answer*?”

  1. Judy says:

    Uh, you don’t just decide to go back. You only can if they’re willing to rehire you. You can ask.

  2. Neha Kapoor says:

    If you did a good job there, i’m pretty sure they will take you. However, there are a lot of retail stores so if it doesnlt work out, you can work somewhere else.

  3. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    What have you got to lose by applying for your old job back.
    Changing a part time job for a full time one is a reasonable thing to do.It is not “ditching them” . Now the store knows you want more hours maybe they could offer you more than you used to do.

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