I Recently Applied At Starbucks?

So I recently applied at starbucks and I read that even if you work part time you get benefits. Would this apply to me sence I’m only 16? Or would I need to be an adult for this to apply to me? Also if anyone has worked there could you tell me if it was good and the discounts you got

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One Response to “I Recently Applied At Starbucks?”

  1. Paul says:

    Yes you will likely get the benefits, but just to be sure you should ask the manager/supervisor. I’m younger than you (14) and I work at Tim Hortons and I get some money towards my scholarship from them :D. I get 30% off everything in the store except for donuts, cookies, coffees, teas, and muffins which are free. You will probably get pastries and basic coffees for free.

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