I Sweat During School!?!?

im 16 (female) and i sweat loads no matter what the temperature is like, i wash my pits everyday and shave too i use sure spray antipersperant and dont wear tight clothing. my school uniform shirt is mainly polyester so you guessed it, the sweat doesnt get absorbed..neither does it magically dissappear..yep..i feel it sometimes down my arms..i wear a blazer all the time..for comfort and to hide as well not wearing the blazer isnt an option because even when it is cold i sweat and i would freeze with a sweaty death if i didnt wear my blazer in winter! and i top up with roll on most days as well but there is very little else i can do…..any suggestions of any possibilities for me? and also i know stress is a factor and currently i am extremley stressed but generally i am a sweaty person :L HELP!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Hannah! You should visit a dermatologist because you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). There are treatments. For example, you can try an effective antiperspirant such as Secret Clinical Strength or Hydrosal Professional. Make sure you apply at night before bed to completely dry underarms (use a blow drier on cool setting if necessary). Re-apply in the morning if you want, just be sure to apply at night. If antiperspirants do not work, your physician may suggest Botox injections. Believe it or not, this works really well for sweaty underarms. Check out SweatHelp.org to use their Physician Finder for help in locating a dermatologist in your area and their Deals and Discounts page has a coupon code for Hydrosal Professional: SweatHelp.org/Deals. You can also look for disposable underarm liners online. They are adhesive and can be applied to the underarms of your shirts to help absorb the sweat. SweatHelp.org also has a listing of research studies and there is one for Ulthera and underarm sweating. See the Take Action dropdown > Participate in Research > Open Research to find details and a list of participating physicians. Hope this helps!

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