I Think I Have A Bad Reputation?

I am considering of joining the public safety emergency force aka Westchester County Sheriff; which is comprised of volunteer peace officers that work with the Westchester County Police. I am on the journey of becoming a full-time police officer in the State of New York; but soon right after I complete Marine boot camp, combat training, and MOS MP school as a reservist. But right now, I currently work at CVS Pharmacy and it is a stressful job. I work as a cashier and I do have co-workers to help me out when needed, but not as much like they’re suppose to. For example, If I’m dealing with a long line of customers and the only cashier; I call for my co-workers/supervisor on the speaker to assist me with the line, but I notice my fellow co-workers/supervisor are either all in the office or just standing visibly in the back room chatting, laughing, not working, and ignoring me and sometimes just looking at the line of customers. Customers are starting to become abrupt and inpatient which doesn’t bother me but it gets intense, and I can only do so much. And this occurs time and time again with my co-workers/supervisor. After when the customers are all finally cleared from the sales floor line, I become upset with my co-workers and explain to them about what they’re doing and it wasn’t right, but I was told that I overreact a lot and to not take it personal. Now I’m worried that one day during my process with the police department that I am volunteering for will send a investigator to my job and interview them about me. I know some of my co-workers will say bad things about me because of that issue. My co-workers/supervisors are great people and work hard, but most of the time when it’s busy, they fool around and don’t take the job seriously and sometimes I see them in plane sight right in front of me and ignoring me. Will that affect my chances of not getting the opportunity to volunteer with the department? I had volunteered before with the salvation army soup kitchen and have a outstanding reputation there and I am also loved there. But I’m more worried about my work place. Thank you

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3 Responses to “I Think I Have A Bad Reputation?”

  1. Harvey says:

    Don’t think that you have a bad reputation.This might work for you.

  2. tagboy says:

    You think that job is stressful, You haven’t seen anything yet, I was a Military Police Investigator. If you can’t take stress don’t be a cop.

  3. KC V ™ says:

    If you get that stressed…your potential supervisors won’t select you for a position as a detective.
    At this point in time I’d be more concerned about passing any pre-employment tests.

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