I Think I Have A Super Stingy Boyfriend And It’s Driving Me Crazy! I Feel Sad And Worthless!?

I think I have a stingy boyfriend and really don’t know how to deal with it! I’m very independent and I’m totally OK with sharing all the restaurant bills and concert and movie tickets…he never ever pays and we always share (in his bday he took me out for dinner and asked me to share the bill !!!)
I give him loads of gifts, always very good quality and a bit pricey, he just thanks me and gives me nothing in return. For xmas we both made a list with possible things we’d like to get, but he gave me nothing from my list, only a cheap book in which I’m not interested!
I know it might sound childish but honestly it’s starting to get on my nerves, what kind of person does this?
Now I told him how one of my friends got a spa voucher for xmas from her boyfriend and told me that if I want we can split the costs of a spa voucher!!!!
Any opinions on this? Thanks

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2 Responses to “I Think I Have A Super Stingy Boyfriend And It’s Driving Me Crazy! I Feel Sad And Worthless!?”

  1. Savvers says:

    It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on, but have you ever thought that he might be using you for all of your extravagant gifts? This might be way off, but it was just the vibe that I got when you were saying he just says thanks and gives you nothing in return. I think your boyfriend should be able to pick out a decent gift for you just because he knows you and what you like, that fact that you wrote a list and he still got it wrong is kinda weird. I don’t think anything will be resolved until you talk to him about it and tell him that you don’t like that he’s so dang cheap. Maybe not in those words of course lol, but you get the idea. Good luck!

  2. Dr. says:

    If it bothers you, you need to tell him it bothers you. But don’t say “I want you to spend more on me” or he’ll be able to say you’re shallow or something like that. Instead, say something like “I’m used to people who are more generous” so he feels like he’s not keeping up with what a normal person would do. You’ll probably have to bring it up more than once, because most people don’t listen to advice that goes completely opposite to their nature. Just be careful it doesn’t become a constant nag. If it does, you have probably failed to change his mind and never will. At that point you’ll have to think about moving on.

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