I Unknowingly Sold To A Minor During Training By Getting Stung By Cops, What Will Happen To Me In Court?

About 2 weeks ago I was on day 3 of training at a local gas station. I was training with my assistant manager who had worked there for 4 years. A guy came in and wanted to buy a beer, he didn’t look 21 years old I asked for his ID. I looked at it real quick and then my assistant manager took it from me and looked at it and said he was good to sell it to him. so me being in training I believed her because she’s been working there for 4 years and so I sold it to him.. well not even 10 minutes later a cop and a state liquor investigator come in saying that I had sold to a kid that was only 17 years old. he asked for my ID and my address and they gave me a summons to court.. they both left and I was in utter shock because I believed her and I know I should have looked it better but I had never had somebody in the 1990s buy alcohol at all.. they were all in the 70’s and 80’s when I was training on shift with someone. the cop came back in to leave a note with the manager and I asked him what would happen to me because I was still in training and said that my assistant manager said that we were switching shifts that I was not training so she lied to the cops. the cop told me that it would be up to court to decide if both of us were guilty. so I called my boss and I told him everyththing that was happening and the assistant kept saying that she didn’t touch the id or even look at it when he came in and looked at the surveillance it showed she actually grabbed it from me, looked at it and told me to go ahead with the sale. So my boss tried to keep my job for me because I was still training an he felt it was my assistants fault. But corporate said we both need to be fired because we both looked at the ID. everyone was upset that I got fired because it was I was training still and it was the assistants fault for not showing me how to check younger ID’s. they made a copy of the surveillance in case court wanted it but I only got summoned to court so what will Happen to me?

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