I Want To Ask This Girl Out But Im To Shy I Have Never Asked A Girl Out Before?

I have been talking to this girl for about a month now I realy like her she told me she has a huge crush on me she tells me that she love me so i want to ask her out but im to shy and im afraid that she might say no we dont go to the sale school we live 35 minutes away from each other we talk on facebook every day im not going to ask her in person I realy like her but im to shy to ask her out what do i say when I ask her out?? I know I cant just say do you want to go out with me what do i say I have never asked a girl out before I need some help

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2 Responses to “I Want To Ask This Girl Out But Im To Shy I Have Never Asked A Girl Out Before?”

  1. Enna says:

    Be a friend. BUild a solid friendship before entering into a relationship. When you feel like asking her out is what is best for HER, then ask her to do something she enjoys, and remember… always respect her.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Okay okay , so you like her , she likes you this is what you gotta do ! 🙂
    You always ask a girl in person so it would be nice if you went to her house and ask her out like unexpectedly . If you ask her out in person and actually go to her house she’ll think it’s cute and she would realize you’re serious about being with her . When you ask her out don’t say ” Will you go out with me ? ” I perfer ” Will you be my gf ? ” I think that one is better then the first one 🙂 You two will fosho last , GOOD LUCK ! 😀 Don’t try to be shy , keep calm and be yourself ! :3

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