I Want To Be A Yg Trainee?

i love singing and dancing,i learned ballet,jazz dance and hip hop for lots of years.i’m not that good in dancing but i improve myself since i like dancing. i am learning how to sing. i want to be a kpop idol because the kpop industry secures idol’s status (not like singers in the us which seriously rely on album sales and potential). the problem is that i never told my parents because i know they want me to have a good job,(a normal one) and my parents are a bit poor, so if i tell them i want to be in the kpop industry, they dont know what it is (i once told them i want to be ) and they think it’s just an insecure job just like singer’s jobs. in august i’m enrolling at my university, and i am 18 now, i have plans that i would have to rush my goals since i’m playing with time… i can’t decide! please help.

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