I want to dip dye my hair purple but im unsure of the whole process i need to go through?

I’ve wanted to dip dye my hair purple for a while now and it’s only now that i’m properly going through the process’ of doing it.
Basically, my hair at the moment is jet black, and im using a colourb4 dye to get it back to its old colour (a light brown) I’m planning on dying the bottoms of my hair blonde to then put the purple in, however i don’t know what bleach/dye to use to make it blonde? Im considering getting Directions for both because thats what my friends have advised me to use.
Would this be okay to use to dye my hair blonde at the bottom? It says semi permenant do i need something else to do the base coat of my hair?

Also for the actual process of my getting my hair purple does it need to be a bright white blonde or just a yellowy blonde?
The purple hair dye i am looking at is something like this:
I know that i have to dip dye my hair every week or so to keep the colour vibrant but if i buy a pot can i re use that a week later or do i have to keep buying a new pot every week? I’ve heard that if you leave hair dye (permanent hair dye anyway) open if you haven’t used it all you won’t be able to use it again?

Sorry for all the questions but i don’t want to buy anything until i know the full facts! My main question is however what kind of dye/toner/bleach do i need to dye my hair blonde without completely destroying it and will get my hair the right shade of purple? Thats the biggest issue!
Thank you!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hello, I’m a hairdresser in training and crazy colours is my favourite! A plain blonde dye wouldn’t work to get you blonde, the best way to do that is to get it done at a salon, however, it can be far to expensive. I suggest using either live xxl platinum blonde (not max blonde) as it is a strong bleach. No matter what you do, if you wont go to a salon, your hair will dry up. Either use that or a superdrug own lightening kit (sounds silly, I know, but it’s cheap and really good!) Even a highlighting kit would work. It wont take it to white blonde since it’s a dark brown but it will be bright enough for the purple to show bright and amazing! After bleaching, you wont need to do it again. Directions is amazing, not only are the intense colours but they also condition your hair in the dying process, we actually use these in the salon! With the direction pots, you can but the lid on them and leave it for a later date to use again, however I would suggest doing it every 2-3 weeks to begin with so it doesn’t stain the newly bleached hair. With both applications, to get the best results, cover the coloured part with plastic when the dye is in the hair and blow dry for heat! Good luck!

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