I want to get my female dog spayed (uk) where do i need to go for vouchers to have the operation cost reduced?

I’ve heard the cost of the average spay is about £100 but with a voucher it is reduced to £30. Where do i get hold of a voucher – thank you

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  1. tricia.s says:

    its normaly done thro your local dog warden and they will have a local vet that will accept the voucher try ringing the dog warden or ring your local vets and ask them and they will tell you who and where to ring but the pdsa will not do it unless theres a medical reason good luck

  2. richard_beckham2001 says:

    Contact your local RSPCA centre perhaps they can help you.

  3. Happy- Go says:

    Humane society ????…..let me know if they were polite to you…because to me I was treated like scum…

  4. lindybug says:

    i know that the pdsa does this as a friend of mine had her cat and dog spayed find one in your area and call them you get help from the pdsa if you are on low income but you need to show proof that you are on benefits etc like a council tax bill

  5. thierrysmum says:

    the pdsa will do it for half price if you get council tax or housing benefit but you have to register at your nearest clinic.

  6. smartypants says:

    Unless you are on benefits you won’t be able to get a voucher.

    There is a vets in the midlands area that offer cheap spaying.
    Visit their website to see if there is one close to you.

    My only other advise is to phone the pdsa and the rspca as they would know the answer to your question.

  7. dumbo says:

    PDSA. may help.

  8. Gartom the Piano mei(STER) says:

    Firstly £100 is very cheap!

    Try the RSPCA for a neutering voucher but generally the voucher is worth £30 and doesn’t reduce the cost of the op to £30.

    You can also try the Blue Cross but you have to be in receipt of benefits to be eligible for help.

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