I Want To Know How Does Vodafone Make Postpaid Bill?

i activated 3g plan 1gb but when. i use and see unbilled amount its very high.they say they discount..so they will charge 252 which is the plan..or 2rs pee mb ..as per my calculation..i am worried..shld i use 3g or not? pls help

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One Response to “I Want To Know How Does Vodafone Make Postpaid Bill?”

  1. percy says:

    No harm in using 3g. The problem starts when your 1 gb gets over and you dont knw abt it so its better ask at customer care centre for a short code which show how many packet data is used. By that you can keep a track of your usage. And yes the amount shown in unbilled amount is discounted if it is within 1gb data usage.

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