I Want To Meet My Dad’s New Girlfriend?

Hi, I have a bit of a situation going on. My parents split up about ten months ago and it ended quite badly. Since then my dad has got a new girlfriend (who works for him!) and I’m a bit skeptical as to whether I should meet her. I would like to meet her out of curiosity if nothing else, and she seems nice enough from what I’ve heard. She even got me vouchers for Christmas despite never meeting her!
Anyway, my dad is quite keen for us to meet, however my twelve year old brother is adamant he’s not interested. She has two daughters aged eleven and five, but I’m not sure if I should meet them just yet. My mum thinks it would help me and my brother get over the split if we meet Dad’s girlfriend, although she has made it perfectly clear she’s not too happy with the relationship. I’m a bit torn as to what to do. I’d like to meet her, I’m just scared of upsetting my brother (we’re quite close) and ideally I’d like him with me for moral support – although I don’t think this is an option. Also, I’m afraid of the unknown – I’m quite shy and don’t want things to be awkward. Do you think I should meet her? Things are getting quite serious between her and my dad. If so, what should I do if things get awkward? I’m fifteen by the way.
So, that’s my situation. Thanks a lot for any advice.

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One Response to “I Want To Meet My Dad’s New Girlfriend?”

  1. loves christmas lights says:

    let things happen at their own pace, dont start a campagne to get this done ok. accepting her is kinda odd when their relationship is so new, yes this is still considered new, so the drama that could happen doesnt out weigh your curiosity. who knows the relationship could end soon.

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