I Want To Reinstall Windows 8…?

If I do, will I need a CD to reinstall it, my PC never came with it, so I’m just wondering, I don’t want to end up not having a CD and formating my hard drive and not getting to use my PC again.

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4 Responses to “I Want To Reinstall Windows 8…?”

  1. Ian says:

    You will need a cd. When purchasing a new computer they often won’t include the discs. You are expected and instructed to burn a restore disk before doing anything with your computer. Some computers come with a restore to factory default setting withing the boot menu. You may want to re read all the vouchers and manuals that come with the computer. Best of luck and hope this helps

  2. Gokul says:

    windows 8 does come with options to bring you PC back to as it was shipped without needing the disc !!
    if it can be helped
    go to settings .. mouse to top right corner > the gear tool and change pc settings in the bottom then go to general and scroll down look for remove everything and reinstall windows
    gl 😀

  3. LB says:

    That happened to me, I took it to a laptop repair shop and they said to install the disk which came with my laptop (i didn’t have one) so i asked them if they could reinstall it for me without a disk. It cost me £100.

  4. Higgy Baby says:

    Linux Mint or Ubuntu is free…..and much better!

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