I want to set up a deals website but how do I go about doing it?

I have had an idea to set up a website that will be based on what people deserve from the products or services they pay for. I would like t offer things like the best mobile phone deals, general deals from places like supermarkets ECt. Do I have to get permission from anyone to display this on my website.For example, I wasn’t sure whether I was allowed to get information on mobile phone deals and put them on my website without asking the mobile phone companies permission . Can somebody please advise me please ?

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One Response to “I want to set up a deals website but how do I go about doing it?”

  1. Michael says:

    No, you do not need permission to publish or provide factual or general information. Under copyright law, facts are not protected creative works of expression. So phone numbers, prices, names, dates, etc. can be published by anyone. Also, titles are also fair game. For example, multiple movies or books can all have the same title even if the content of the movies or books are made / written by different people. This isn’t true if the title has been trademarked however as trademark law is different. So yes, you can put any generic / general / factual information on your web site and you don’t need permission. Good luck with you new business venture.

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