I Was Dismissed For Voiding Sales At Work Wich I Admitted To, He Accused Me Of Stealing Forty Thousand Pounds?

i was dismissed for voiding sales at work wich i admitted to, he accused me of stealing forty thousand pounds wich is alot of rubbish, he told me i was getting arrested and goin to prison, since then the police have been involved, i was not aressted and the amount came to 215 pounds, if i pay this back i get cautioned as its my first time being in trouble, my ex boss is going round telling people that i stole thousands and that i was taking upto 100 pound a day and that im appearing in court tomoro and that im going to jail, i no i did wrong but this man made me feel ill the first few weeks, i couldnt eat or come out of the house, i dont get how he can go round saying all these lies about me .

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