I Was Given Food Poisoning By A Restaurant?

I was given food poisoning by a restaurant and they tried to make it up to us by giving us a voucher to eat in there again which is for less than the price of the meal we had that poisoned us.
What if any are the next logical steps I could take against this establishment??

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4 Responses to “I Was Given Food Poisoning By A Restaurant?”

  1. hotwheel says:

    well, the logical thing is to never eat there again….
    people get food poisoning all the time, it seems as if they tried to make you whole but if you want to do more…. give them a bad review.

  2. Ricki says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t comp the meal or at least offer a better voucher.
    Any long term effect? Any medical bills? If you got food poisoning then likely other people got it that night, have you filed a report with the board of health?

  3. Bobby Bobson says:

    You could sue them, but I would just never go there again

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