I Work Harder Than Anyone But Get Zero Recognition What Should I Do?

I normally don’t care about things like this but lately work has kinda gotten to me. First off I work harder than anyone else in my department. I also get along great with my coworkers and have the most good customer comment cards. I also set records for having the most food and beverage sales. Anyways whats not fair is my boss never puts any positive comments about me on the comment board, ever. Only about other people. The thing that is really bad is my boss nominated someone for employee of the month who no one I work with likes. He is very two faced and stabs people in the back. He is also very lazy but takes credit for work he did not do. I’m so frustrated I go into work now not caring and am losing my motivation. What should I do? And no I don’t want to talk to management that would just be petty. If they cant see the work I do then I don’t want to mention it to them. The only thing I can think of is my boss used to hang around me a lot but when I told her I was dating someone she never talked to me again which was way weird. wth?

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One Response to “I Work Harder Than Anyone But Get Zero Recognition What Should I Do?”

  1. Nikki says:

    Yes very weird that she began ignoring u when u dated someone. How well did u know her? Maybe she felt more intune with u when u had no one. Sounds dumb I know yet there are people like that….what do u think?
    As for work u sound like a very good employee and u may have to rely on the customers & fellow workers for the appreciation u need. I was in food industry for 16 yrs. As long as u make the customer happy and have good relations there, u are quite successful. Yes, it’s great to get a pat on the back from the boss, to be recognized by her. You are doing well. “I” wouldn’t have a talk with her because she may spin it leaving u feeling not to good. I am saying you are a fantastic worker and u care which is really a good thing. She is fortunate to have you! Kudos Keri!!!!! Wish I had u back when I was a supervisor. You are one of a kind, always remember that!

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