I Work Night Shifts.. And I Get Super Bored :( Help?

so i work night shifts and i work very hard. (probably get some answers like DO YOUR JOB!) but anyway.. when i finish early sometimes 3 or 4 hours early it can be very boring.. i normally play my nintendo ds thing but it gets old fast.. im a MASSIVE film fanatic. does anyone know any cheap (under 50 quid) thing that i could watch films on? handheld? the smaller the better incase me boss catchs me heh thanks.
had my eye on this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Goodmans-PDV310-…
anyone got anything cooler? smaller? (tv is cool too)

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One Response to “I Work Night Shifts.. And I Get Super Bored :( Help?”

  1. My name is MJ Beatch! says:

    they have very cheap MP4- mp5 on ebay from china $25-$50.You can load your movie on a memory stick and insert. 2-3 week delivery. they may have pocket tv’s too may even be DVR ready.

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