I would like to learn some simple magic tricks to amuse friends, what to buy?


Can anyone recommend a simple and well constructed magic kit for beginners?

Ideally don’t want a kit which is cheaply made where tricks will fall apart and something that includes variety for a reasonable price.

I’ve seen marvin’s magic kits but the ones on amazon.co.uk have poor reviews.

Can anyone please recommend me some good quality magic products for beginners?


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  1. naphtalia_leba says:

    Rather than investing in a kit, I would recommend checking out a couple of books. There are some great ones out there that have a variety of tricks you can learn. Many will use things you have around the house – including napkins, handkerchiefs, ropes, money, rubberbands, paperclips, etc.

    My favorite is Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic. It’s a big book with lots of variety. Mark Wilson has been a professional magician for more than 60 years. Each trick includes a description of what the audience sees, any secret preparations you have to do (though many tricks require none.), instructions that include one picture for each line of description. Finally, for many of the tricks he has tips and suggestions bsed on his many years in the field.

    Another good book would be Bill Tarr’s Now You See It.

    Karl Fulves has a whole line of "Self-working" books – no sleight of hand required. Each deals with a specifc type of magic – paper magic, money magic, card magic, etc.

  2. Sp says:

    Magic isn’t real its an illusion created for stupid people.

  3. Blue Rose says:

    That would depend on how old you are and how old your audience will be, and how much time you want to devote to learning a trick. I’ve bought Marvin’s magic items for my children and some of them are more sophisticated than they could handle.The trick is more on the delivery / fooling your audience. You can buy a really simple trick, say, the multiplying bunnies (foam) and it will work really well if you deliver it well. That one was fab. Perhaps get a book from the library for eg. and read up on doing tricks with everyday objects to gain confidence, then find a proper shop for magic stuff rather than kits. Don’t know any in the UK but hopefully the web could help. My father was great at magic tricks for adults. empty / full glass / bottle was great, particularly if it involved drinking the beer first; colour changing hankies; cutting strings; apparently unhookable rings; things that involve apparent destruction ; disappearing car keys. Card tricks of course too.
    On a parallel line, the Gadget Show just did a stint on magic involving technical gadgets. Maybe you can iplayer it (or similar), was on chanel 5 but I think they have a webpage on the channel 5 address. Good luck..

  4. jacagan says:

    Even better than books or kits… try DVD’s tutorials. There are at least a few at http://www.shoutzoom.com . I saw Darren Brown and a few others. Kits are usually junk and you’ll be disappointed. Start off with quality.

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