Ideas On What I Can Get My Dad For Christmas?

So, my Dad is the most picky person. (I’ve bought him slippers already but I want to get him something else too)
I already bought him cologne for his birthday which was recent so I can’t buy him that, he doesn’t like getting aftershave, he has a million frames with photos in of me and stuff what I’ve bought him for Christmas and birthday’s, he doesn’t like when I buy him clothes, he doesn’t read, and he wont eat candy or chocolate because he’s gone all healthy! and he doesn’t like vouchers because he hates shopping. ugh I just don’t know, any ideas?

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7 Responses to “Ideas On What I Can Get My Dad For Christmas?”

  1. Neat Guy says:

    Buy him a Holy Scapular and watch as its heavenly powers dwell in him forever.-Jesus Christ

  2. Ryan says:

    Buy him a good electric shaver perhaps? (Maybe even a fancy case to go with it).

  3. Mollie says:

    Box set off his favourite show?
    If he likes fishing or golf or something get him a golf club or fishing rod?

  4. Mike says:

    i got my dad a multi-tool all dads love multi tools.

  5. Jake says:

    A nice present

  6. sigmunda says:

    If he has gone on a health kick……….Buy him a good book on the subject and give him a big kiss…….If he moans, shove the book up his………Jumper:-)

  7. paramore :D says:

    A nice bottle of organic red wine or his favorite liquor if he drinks (idk how old u r so if u rnot old enough to buy alcohol bring your mom or someone u know who is ove 21 to go buy it with u). If he is a coffee drinker get him one of those single cup brewers or like 5 little sacks of starbucks coffee or a starbucks gift card. I know u said he doesn’t like it when u buy him clothing but why not a nice tie from Macy’s or somewhere. If he exercises get him a nice pair of running sneakers. Or just bring him out to a nice restaurant or his favorite restaurant as a special treat 🙂

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