If 35-45% Of The Teachers W/ Kids In The Most Liberal Cities Put Their Kids In Private School Shouldnt We Too?

Could there not be a better case for school vouchers than this? If so many teachers don’t trust the schools they teach in to educate their children, why should everyone else? In Cali the state gives each school approx $7500 for each student. Why not give the citizen a $5000 tax credit(voucher) for private schools? The state saves money, the parents options are opened up, the child gets a better education. Choice and options are good no? http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/s…

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11 Responses to “If 35-45% Of The Teachers W/ Kids In The Most Liberal Cities Put Their Kids In Private School Shouldnt We Too?”

  1. Daddio says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  2. Jack says:

    Now you know why our teachers get progressively f@cking dumber!

  3. Spock (rhp) says:

    it’s another case of “do as I say, not as I do” — the nanny state wants you to leave your kids in their care so they can continue to afford to teach their kids in better schools. This ends up perpetuating the system they want — they control the system and you’re the servants to it.
    Obama’s kids never went to public schools for even a single day. Jesse Jackson’s kids didn’t either.

  4. Bertha Beddington says:

    I say we teach our kids practical stuff like basic preserving, farming, and homesteading techniques for when a nuclear war wipes all technology out…

  5. I Don't Matter says:

    well, sure, but trying to get a voucher system by attacking teachers’ unions is horribly bad politics, ya know..

  6. iris054 says:

    As Republican governors keep laying off teachers, causing overcrowding in the classrooms, education has taken a hit. Just vote the Repubs out.

  7. Weise Ente says:

    See, those teachers probably know that taking money out of public schools would make them worse.
    Vouchers are a bad idea. They don’t save the state money. They just create a two-tiered education system.
    Of course that’s the plan. We’re not stupid.

  8. NOpublican's in 2012 says:

    The schools are not the problem ,the parents not caring is the problem. Show me a failing child and I will show you parents who are not involved

  9. Paul Jackson says:

    Public school teachers are educated individuals who make good money. Your article doesn’t prove that teachers put their children in private school any more frequently than other professionals in their income bracket.
    ” Why not give the citizen a $5000 tax credit(voucher) for private schools? ”
    Because that takes money away from the public schools that, according to your source, 87.5% of all students being educated in this country attend.

  10. mommanuk says:

    Problem with your proposal is, a $5000 tax credit does no good for people who don’t have the income to pay it out first. It’s just another way of making it easier for the wealthy to do it. Which means the public schools are still stuck with those students who most often have no support network anywhere near those of the kids whose parents can afford private tuition, so the results continue to be poor and people who aren’t paying attention continue to blame the teachers and unions.
    Tax credits mean you have to spend the money first to get the credit.

  11. smkeller says:

    I certainly sympathize with your sentiments.
    We had to move across country to get our kids into better public schools as we could no longer afford private ones or find decent public ones in the city where we were living.
    But I am NOT in favor of this ‘voucher’ system, and I will tell you why.
    If it worked like the model it is being sold as then it might seem like a pretty good deal.
    That, however, will not be the case, and what will happen is that government oversight and universal education, indeed often cumbersome and wasteful, will no longer get the money it needs to function for credible education of the majority of Americans.
    Universal education, once called America’s greatest achievement, will fall backwards a hundred years or more.
    Vouchers will simply lead to almost immediate segregation between races and classes, and we have already invested too much in that fight to give up on it now.
    What we need is to invest in OUR American education system and stop starving it to fatten an unnecessarily bloated and unneeded military.
    We need a commitment to AMERICAN universal education, and we need to FUND it, believe in it, and support it.
    This would loosen the grip of the radical Teachers Union that offends many that otherwise might be inclined to support education.
    We don’t need more privates, corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, etc, we need more teachers, professors with smaller classes and more support staff.
    Who are we kidding with this military budget greater than the next SEVENTEEN nations COMBINED, while America becomes dumber and dumber?
    And our politics follow the same downward projectory .

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