If Congress Can Stop Some Of The Sequester Cuts Then They Can Stop Them All. Correct?

‘Homeless Again’
Melissa Rothkugel, 28, had waited seven years for a housing voucher to help cover her rent in Connecticut. Last year, she lost her job, became homeless and got pregnant. So you can imagine how happy she was in February when she got a letter telling her she had finally been approved for aid.
“I actually broke down and cried,” she recalls. “Because, I mean, when they issued me the voucher, I thought everything was going to start getting better and looking up.”
She filled out the paperwork, attended orientation in Hartford and started to look for an apartment. But within days she was rushed to the hospital to give birth to a baby daughter. A week later, she got another letter that made her cry.
“It said, due to the budget cuts, that they were revoking my voucher,” she says. “So I was back to square one in being homeless again.”
Now, she, her baby and her boyfriend are living in her brother’s basement.

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3 Responses to “If Congress Can Stop Some Of The Sequester Cuts Then They Can Stop Them All. Correct?”

  1. Trevorz here says:

    Boy, you’ve got a big problem.

  2. iris054 says:

    Correct. Congress could vote tomorrow to overturn all of the sequester. They could all along. I hope they get lots of long waits in airports because that’s obviously all they care about.

  3. mushroom says:

    She’s not homeless.
    She lost her job last year, but applied for the voucher seven years ago?
    She had no job, no money, no home, so she decided that was great time to get pregnant?
    I am not seeing the part that is supposed to elicit my sympathy.

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