If Diversity And Being Pro-choice Is So Great Then Why Shouldn’t We Have School Choice?

Should we pump ever more money (That we don’t have) into failing schools or do we let parents choose where to send their children to school with school vouchers? How do you feel about school choice? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucrudN9rX…

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6 Responses to “If Diversity And Being Pro-choice Is So Great Then Why Shouldn’t We Have School Choice?”

  1. Why Me??? says:

    Libs only want you to have a choice when it comes to marrying someone of the same sex or KILLING an unborn child….everything else they want to dictate your actions to you…

  2. Andrew says:

    School choice would make it so the government no longer has full control over the school system.
    In other words, the liberals would never let that happen. There is a reason more youth are liberal than conservative, and that reason is public schools.

  3. whitefla says:

    The Educational Case Against Vouchers
    Student achievement ought to be the driving force behind any education reform initiative. See what research says about the relationship between vouchers and student achievement.
    Americans want consistent standards for students. Where vouchers are in place — Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Florida — a two-tiered system has been set up that holds students in public and private schools to different standards.
    NEA and its affiliates support direct efforts to improve public schools. There is no need to set up new threats to schools for not performing. What is needed is help for the students, teachers, and schools who are struggling.
    The Social Case Against Vouchers
    A voucher lottery is a terrible way to determine access to an education. True equity means the ability for every child to attend a good school in the neighborhood.
    Vouchers were not designed to help low-income children. Milton Friedman, the “grandfather” of vouchers, dismissed the notion that vouchers could help low-income families, saying “it is essential that no conditions be attached to the acceptance of vouchers that interfere with the freedom of private enterprises to experiment.”
    A pure voucher system would only encourage economic, racial, ethnic, and religious stratification in our society. America’s success has been built on our ability to unify our diverse populations.
    The Legal Case Against Vouchers
    About 85 percent of private schools are religious. Vouchers tend to be a means of circumventing the Constitutional prohibitions against subsidizing religious practice and instruction.

  4. neato197 says:

    My issue with school vouchers is that public dollars are going into schools that do not have to play by the same rules as public schools. I would have less issue with vouchers if they could not go to schools promoting religion and if the schools had to accept every student, not pick and choose their population. How is it fair that private schools get to take public money but only accept the easiest (and cheapest) to educate students?
    By the logic of your first question, if you are anti-choice when it comes to abortion, then you should be anti-choice when it comes to schools.

  5. Icoulato says:

    The only stand Obama took during his time as a very mediocre Senator was to voice his disapproval against the establishment of vouchers in the Washington DC school system. Arguably, one of the worst school districts in the nation. This did not, however, prevent the then-Senator from sending his own two kids to an expensive private school. An option he had no problem in denying to others.

  6. ceridd says:

    Pumping more money into Public Schools will not fix them. The ONE MAJOR difference between today’s schools and those pre-1980 is the CURRICULUM, and this is the one thing that is never even discussed. Teachers are better educated and better trained than ever. Students are exposed to a world of knowledge in their personal, daily lives like no other time in history. These things are NOT defective.
    My hope is that private schools, not being ruled by Education State Departments whose “curriculum experts” have failed us tragically, have the opportunity to develop curriculums which can actually be taught and learned as they were pre-1980. I’m not terribly optimistic, but there is some hope.
    Me= Pro-Diversity, Pro-Pro-Choice, PRO-SCHOOL VOUCHERS.

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