if i buy my phone abroad will it work at home?

i am planning on buying a brand new sony xperia miro with vodafone sim on payg off amazon.co.uk. im wondering if because i live in ireland the phone wont work properly.

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2 Responses to “if i buy my phone abroad will it work at home?”

  1. M_Y_T_H_R_I_L says:

    you will probably have to get it unlocked. if its a new phone and getting it unlocked then it will affect your warrenty don’t forget! . also some of the features may not work in a different country. check out a vodaone store in Ireland and ask them these kind of questions and they will give you a proper answer

  2. Mark P says:

    Yes it will work without unlock etc, if a mobile is taken out of the country it is manufactured for it will work SIM Free, however make sure the seller is genuine and check its legit.

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