If I Sold A Car (project) With A Bill Of Sale And Title Can They Come Back On Me?

I recently sold a car to a guy in utah , I’m in tn, a 69 mach 1 project that’s pretty rusty. Well he had the shipping company coming to pick it up but it seems like they keep delaying and delaying. He said if they don’t come tommorow he will come down and pick it up. He already gave me 4500 of the 5500 and I gave him the title and bill of sale. He sighned the bill of sale that I wrote saying that it doesn’t run and needs restoration. He saw all the pics on ebay and knows the full extent of what needs to be done. Is there anything legal he can do if he comes down here and says I don’t like it or its too rusty? I had a guy in florida come down after he sent a deposit of 1000 and we had agreed upon 7700 and he came and said this isn’t what I expected. If he already signed the bill of sale and title can he do anything legal that can come back and bite me?

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