If I Want A Software Done For My Business Who Do I Contact?

I want a software done for my locksmith business.. But i want it to be mine, in other words I want to be able to sale the software later on if i want to. Is this possible? If so who do i contact, what do i search for. Im new at this so bare with me.

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One Response to “If I Want A Software Done For My Business Who Do I Contact?”

  1. Marduk says:

    What kind of software? You must make a lot of money for a locksmith. I would personally buy off the shelf as you have many people behind the product more than you could ever pay. If you do have it done you must realize it will be worthless to anyone else but you and probably no one would buy it. There are probably computer companies in your area who do such a thing but it is like building a house, it will take a long time and not be what you want and there will be lots of problems and if the small company you hire folds which they do quickly you will have no one to support your software. Software is not a one week project and always needs upgrades.

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