If i was to pre-order Harry Potter book 7, from amazon.co.uk………?

…….would i have to pay NOW by card or later?

and if i do order, how long would it take to arrive to me, (after its been released obviously)?

And please can someone briefly explain what i have to do to pre-order…..i’ve ordered normally from amazon.co.uk, but i’ve never pre-ordered before. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “If i was to pre-order Harry Potter book 7, from amazon.co.uk………?”

  1. Kate says:

    When you order from MOST places online, your card is not charged until your order is ready to be shipped. Places that ship immediately will charge your card when you place the order. It is amazing the number of people who think their card is charged just because they typed it in somewhere… Anyway, amazon.co.uk DOES NOT charge a card until the order is ready for shipment. You WILL have to enter card information, but you WILL NOT be charged.

    I ordered HBP from amazon.co.uk and it arrived about 1-2 weeks after the release date to my home in the US. In the UK, if it is anything like regular amazon.com, Book 7 should arrive on the release date.

    Pre-ordering is exactly like ordering. (I just did this a couple hours ago). Just put the item in your basket and check out like normal. You will get the standard "We got your order" email after placing the order. The only difference is you will not get the book until July, instead of within a few days.

    Hope this helped! (And the link below is to answers from amazon.co.uk about pre-ordering, if you have any more)

  2. Camilla1UK says:

    You cannot possibly have reached level 3 is it, and sound so uninformed. The day you get sent books without paying for them, please email me. Why are you in such a hurry to read such garbage anyway – borrow a friends’ save yourself the grief and money.

  3. Kristie says:

    When ordering online you always have to pay with a card at the time of purchasing. After it’s released, I believe you’d get it in a few days (check the pre-order policy on the website if you can find it). To pre-order it, I also believe you just order like it’s a normal book, you’ll just have to wait longer (obviously) for the book since it’s not out yet. The great thing about Amazon is that you can pre-order it for $18.99 rather than pay the list price of $34.99 (at least in the US…I’m sure the UK has a similar discount).

  4. Solow says:

    I think that all your questions have been answered – bar maybe the ‘how long does it take to arrive’ by someone in the UK –

    I preordered the last Harry Potter from Amazon.co.uk & it arrived on the morning of the day of the release …. I was really pleased.
    I also had no problems at all when I placed my pre-order on the Amazon site as it told me what it would be doing with my payment etc.

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