If it is now illegal to discriminate over age why can shops give discount to pensioners ?

My local diy store gives pensioners 10% discount one day a week this means I am getting charged 10% more for a purchase just because of my age. Isn’t this age discrimination and illegal ?

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  1. nita says:

    there are more wealthy pensioners in this country than poor ones be live me they plead poverty I’m only a pensioner but don’t for get all the other benefits they can claim attendance allowance mobility allowance income support no TV licences over 75 £200 every winter towards fuel costs now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they shouldn’t have it but they are all ways pleading poverty there are no poor pensioners in this country but there are a lot of very greedy ones its the young ones that have it hard these days price of property mortgages not to mention heating and all the other house hold bills it take both husband and wife to go out to work these days just to make ends meat and the young ones are even being told to save for a pension out of what there’s nothing left to save if any one should get the 10per cent discount it should be the young and a lot of the pensioners should be a shamed of them selves for taking it

  2. bob says:

    nope, a shop can give a discount to anyone they choose

  3. on the wagon says:

    nice one

  4. fangtaiyang says:

    Actually you are not being charged any more than you would otherwise be charged. The discount is due to pensioners having generally fixed incomes. It is not age discrimination to give them a discount. You are not receiving a penalty for being young.

  5. twism says:

    A business can give stuff away if they choose. Or raise the price or lower it. They cannot discriminate in their hiring is all. Business have the right to give the service.

  6. boogaloo says:

    tell me about it! we have a local cafe for the over 50s. if i was to open a cafe for under 30s there would be riots

  7. Deb says:

    That’s a good point, but descrimination only applies to hiring someone for a job and things along those lines. They are not descriminating because you are white, black, etc. When you reach the age, you will get the discount too. It’s a courtesy the store is offering. If someone were to take them to court over it all they would accomplish is to hurt the senior citizens as the store would just drop ALL discounts regardless of age. Then you’ll get screwed when you get older too. Wait and be patient. Your turn will come.

  8. frasier says:

    Discrimination law works on the basis of what is decided in the courts on a case by case basis…Therefore, when a new piece of legislation comes into force…the true meaning and significance of the ‘act’ is only determined by the precedents that are set by the courts.

    What all this means is…you may well be right in your interpretation of the act…but it will need to be confirmed by a judicial decision that your opinion does actually represent the meaning of the law.

  9. dragonsaphira13 says:

    It doesn’t mean you’re getting discriminated against. The store is helping people and trying to get more customers.

  10. frank S says:

    No. I think it is intended for employers not to discriminate against employees on the basis of age.

    I have recently seen a job application form and nowhere on it do they ask for birthdate and age. However they do ask for your driver licence number. This number includes your birthdate. So whatever legislation is brought out it is possible to find a way of getting round it.

  11. smartypants says:

    The age discrimination laws currently in effect only apply when a person is discriminated against due to their old age. therefore it is legal to require a minimum age for anything whether discounts jobs admission etc, but a maximum age limit is illegal. Not necessarily fair but thats how it works.

  12. Ebenezer says:

    Ethically, I believe you are correct, but legally it has to be tested in court.

    You could maybe ask a pensioner to buy something for you, then give them the money. Do a good deed in return.

  13. Timothy M says:

    The age-discrimination laws only prevent you from offering a service or a job on the grounds of age.

    In other words your local DIY store couldn’t refuse to sell DIY goods to a person because they thought they were too old.

    They are, however, able to offer incentives, like the 10% discount (in just the same way as some nightclubs have one night a week discounted for students).

  14. heeeelp says:

    I think it is an incentive to get us to spend some of our pittance one day a week. They have to get us to the store in the first place, and personally I would only use the place if I was desperate! It costs more in fuel costs to get there, than the 10% discount and Tuesday is the only day that we are allowed to shop with the discount. There is not a suitable bus service from where we live, so could not use my bus pass and I don’t think the driver would like a kitchen cabinet or new door on his bus! Not many pensioners are able to use the facility, so that is why they offer the discount!
    Don’t worry, you will all be pensioners one day! Wow, and you will get the 10% too.

  15. valda54 says:

    leave the oap’s alone.. there’s an enough trouble in the world without picking on them. ageism is for the workers only

  16. Indy500 says:

    Hmmm…you have made me think about petitioning the govenment to pay me my pension immediately. I think it’s outrageous that you have to wait until you are 65…

  17. Mr Sceptic says:

    Being really pedantic, you’re not paying 10% more, you’re paying 11.1% more.

    If you pay £100, pensioner pays £90 with discount, so you pay £10 more – £10 is 11.1% of £90.

  18. keny says:

    it`s a disgrace considering how obsessed with DIY these pensioners are i see them all the time where i live building extensions on there house running around on the roof with their satalite dishes and new aerials
    do me a favour how much is 10% off the price of a new plug for their kettle

  19. silly gorbie says:

    This is a very good point indeed and I see it as age discrimination.

    However, the only real way to establish whether the laws sees it in this way is by taking the matter to court and letting a judge decide.

  20. guzzlegob says:

    I run a market stall. I give little people a discount if they buy from their own pocket money.
    It’s an incentive to spend.

    And i recoup my losses by charging the adults more on a few select items. It balances the books 🙂

  21. goulash says:

    I agree – but if something like this does end up setting a precedent in court, then by the same token, children will end up having to pay full price for everything too e.g. entrance tickets, bus fares, no more more ‘kids go free’ offers on holidays. You can bet that we’d end up paying full price for children on everything rather than an average lower price.

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