If Something Is $26.00, And There Is An 18% Discount, How Much Is The Item After The Discount Is Included?

I’m terrible at math and can’t figure it out haha please help!

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  1. sunshine says:

    It will take off taxes and a little more maybe like 22

  2. sunflowe says:

    Divide 18 by 100
    = 18/100
    multiple that by $26…
    that’ll give you the discount
    subtract that number from 26
    that’ll give you the final price
    18/100 = .18
    .18 times 26 = $4.68
    it’s a $4.68 discount
    26 – 4.68 = 21.32

  3. Rick B says:

    You can’t use a calculator?!?!?!

  4. ? says:

    Is over of = percent over 100.
    You will have one variable, x.
    26 for is. / x. = 18/100. Now cross multiply, then divide so your equation reads. X=…. solve for X

  5. Pal says:

    And the discount is not included it is deducted. You have more troubles than just math. You do not understand the language either written or spoken.

  6. consuelo says:

    The math is quite simple. Okay so we want to know how much is the 82% percent since it’s been discounted 18% of a 100%, which is the full $26. Convert the percent to decimal 82%=.82 multiply times the full amount($26). If you want to know the tax just multiply anything times 1.0825

  7. Myzygo2 says:

    100% – 18% = 82%
    82% – 0.82
    $26 x .82 = $21.32
    Answer = $21.32
    There are actually several ways to solve this computation.
    PS: The primary WORD was DISCOUNT !
    Not taxes or or add on s or any thing else.
    18% discount folks.
    I agree with Pal.
    You wording said ‘included’ when you should have said DEDUCTED.
    I understand that you may not be English fluent.
    Practice make perfect.
    Good Luck.

  8. Mohan says:

    It is be about $21. You should use the calculator in your mobile for this purpose.

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