If Unions Help Average Workers Receive Good Pay, Benefits, And Conditions, Why Are They So Bad?

Take a company like walmart, and to their credit they offer employment to more people than just about any company in the world. Yet hearing all the walmart business tactics, treatment of workers, low pay, poor benefits, it doesn’t sound like a respectable place to work for “average Jane or Joe” to survive and raise a family.
Take a company like Costco. They are union, their average pay is $20/ hour with good benefits, AND they are still a discount store….meaning they have thinner margins, people get a good deal, yet they are profitable and can pay a fair wage. Motley fool lists Costco as the company to watch.
What’s so bad about a well managed union situation.

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3 Responses to “If Unions Help Average Workers Receive Good Pay, Benefits, And Conditions, Why Are They So Bad?”

  1. Salt and Peppy says:

    Let’s say you go to work drunk, and make a bunch of mistakes. If you are not under a union, you can be fired on-the-spot. If you are under a union, you will be allowed to keep your job provided you get help for your “disease.” And, by getting help, I mean all you have to do is prove you are attending AA meetings, and they cannot fire you.
    That is just one example of why people are anti-union. I’m not saying I am, but you asked for a reason.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The problem with unions is they were created for workers to have a safe environment to work.
    Miners were the first they were literally getting killed because safety was not something the owners were thinking about .. unions made them think it was better to put in safe things or they wouldn’t have any workers left. Other jobs like people who work on trains and construction also needed unions to give them safe places to work too.
    However, a retail clerk is rarely in unsafe conditions, granted insurance and benefits can be a bit better but you forget that unions also take a huge chunk of change from your paycheck every month for that extra money. And when they decide to strike your stuck on the picket line getting way less money no matter how much you make an hour. There is too much control with the unions they make you do things you wouldn’t want to do and don’t always protect you when you do something wrong.
    My Dad was union.. my husband is not and he is doing better than my Dad ever did.
    At one time unions were good, then they got corrupt and even though they are as corrupt as a half a century ago they still aren’t always necessary if you don’t like where you are quit and go somewhere else. .if you work at Walmart and want a union go put in an application at Costco.

  3. Marvin says:

    It has its advantages and disadvantages. Piece work is where the money is. If you are good and “fast” enough at what u do, you will make a lot more doing piece work. Its funny some people are scared of getting paid by what they get done. If u are talking about some of the cheesy unions like hospitality workers are wanting, then what’s the use?

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