If Welfare Programs Like Food Stamps Need Reformed? Do You Have Suggestions?

Do you have suggestions for reform?
I would suggest an end to EBT cards and vouchers and have warehouses, where SNAP recipients would get the food. Or use churches and social service organizations like the Salvation Army or Volunteers of America, as well as county agencies, to distribute aid-in-kind (actual boxes and cans of food, and fresh vegetables purchased from local farmers) to welfare recipients. No selling or unlawful use of food stamps. Many inner-city supermarkets overcharge for their items, and why should the government be subsidizing those stores anyway? If people are truly hungry, then just give them the food.
And with Section 8 housing aid, I would get rid of it, and just give qualified people vouchers to go live where they want. No more slumlord housing and slumlords making a profit off of taxpayers.
and no cash assistance for parents who have more than one child they cannot afford. without that incentive, most of those teen mothers won’t be getting pregnant, if they know they can’t use their child as an excuse to get aid and move out of their parent’s house.
Your thoughts/your suggestions?

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4 Responses to “If Welfare Programs Like Food Stamps Need Reformed? Do You Have Suggestions?”

  1. Pull My Finger says:

    People will always find ways to augment, alter, or cheat the welfare system. Make it so that only the approved welfare recipient can use their cards, stamps, or whatever method you choose, and that they can only use it on approved foods, and they will just barter with the food they get from the system. They’ll trade their Cheerios for cigarettes or gas money.
    Frankly, I’m inclined to let them. Most people are going to do what they’re going to do anyway. The whole idea of welfare was to help them keep their heads above water, not to ensure that they would quit smoking or eat healthier. If they can use this extra money to get by, I don’t really give a sh*t about the specifics.
    More important to me is eliminating the causes of poverty in the first place.
    Re: your idea about using warehouses of (I assume) state-produced, state-subsidized, and/ or private charity stocked goods — that sounds like a decent plan. I’d be willing to back it being tried experimentally in select places as a trial run.
    Re: housing — don’t allow illegitimate absentee ownership. There are a lot of derelict buildings going to waste because of anti-squatting laws, when the property is not being used and the owner doesn’t intend to use it. Much of the loss for such bad real estate investments has been subsidized by the state, so those owners whose losses have been compensated by the taxpayers should lose their property, or be forced to let people squat in those buildings in the interim. We could improve former living quarters until they were fit to be occupied cheaper than we can subsidize the rent of individuals or buy new real estate to build shelters, or whatever.
    Re: babies — your plan would be okay, I guess. I think I would encourage decisions like that to be made on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, I think your plan is fair.

  2. gyt says:

    I would have food stamp and welfare recipients have to do something for what they get. They either need to show they have been looking for a job or be in some type of job training. If they cannot get a job due to physical limitations then they need to be required to do some type of volunteer work for the food they get.
    I would also limit the time that an able bodied person can be on welfare. A total of 365 days withing a ten year period. This way it does not become a lifestyle but a temporary help to get over a rough patch.
    Any reform will be hard to get through a democrat senate. The more people are dependent on the government, the easier it is for the government to control those people.

  3. Seabiscu says:

    None of that is realistic. When people need help, they need it right away. People who need govt assistance aren’t the type of people who think before they get pregnant. People who are on food stamps aren’t the type of people who have access to kitchens where they can cook three meals a day. People who need section 8 are the type of people who don’t make enough money to get places to live.
    Lets put it this way, if the the government,or basically the rich people, because that’s who runs the government. If they didn’t know about the negative aspects of capitalism, then they would never agree to these social programs. They know what’s going on. The poor are the type of people the rich are feeding off of.

  4. ThoughtC says:

    EBT program does not need to be reformed.
    EBT program is not cause of economic woes….
    Wall Street and Banks ARE……
    when are you people gonna get that through your THICK OBSTINATE heads?
    it is not debatable
    it is fact

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