If You Are Applying For Section 8 Housing Isn’t It Better To Start Early?

In many localities, the PHA waiting lists for Section 8 vouchers may be thousands of families long, waits of three to six years to access vouchers is common, and many lists are closed to new applicants. Wait lists are often briefly opened (often for just five days), which may occur as little as once every seven years. Some PHAs use a “lottery” approach, where there can be as many as 100,000 applicants for 10,000 spots on the waitlist, with spots being awarded on the basis of weighted or non-weighted lotteries, with priority sometimes given to local residents, the disabled, veterans, and the elderly.[16][17] There is no guarantee that anyone will ever receive a spot on the waiting list
Yea, yea I know what you conservatives are going to say. Wouldn’t it be better to get a job rather than to wait around in your grandmothers house for six years until you get section 8. Oh yea I am sure you would find a job in six years but then you become an undeserving poor. Which means that you will lose your place on the welfare line. Ha see I am smarter than you.
Oh and don’t forget you won’t get an Obamacare penalty if you get Medicaid because you are waiting for six years to get free sh!t from the government.

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3 Responses to “If You Are Applying For Section 8 Housing Isn’t It Better To Start Early?”

  1. Jo2 says:

    Yeah…All that plus to answer your question. it would be better to start early applying for sectin 8. But most people on section 8 don’t wake up til afternoon. lazy morons.

  2. Aunt Acid says:

    0bama supporters start from birth scamming the system.

  3. Flower says:

    You have the correct information about how Section 8 works but I dont know what your question is. You have to be employed unless you are disabled or a senior. Your income must be under the county limits for your family size but over the years that you wait to get a voucher, the income limits do increase. There are also rural housing programs and tax credit properties which have reduced rents for a few apartments but only Sec 8 takes 30% of your income. Other HUD buildings that have their own subsidy program can charge you 30-40% of your income.

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