if you have an Amazon account have you had this email : Amazon.co.uk Account Assistance‏ …..?

just seeing if it’s a real email or not

it’s says p.s at the top on my Hotmail account it’s red saying This message looks very suspicious to our SmartScreen filters, so we’ve blocked attachments, pictures, and links for your safety.
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That’s why i am asking as i don’t wanna be scammed thanks if you can help

Due to recent account takeovers and unauthorized listings, Amazon.co.uk is requesting a new account verification procedure.

From time to time, randomly selected accounts (seller and/or buyer) need to verify their account.

Your account is not suspended, but if in 48 hours after you receive this message your account is not confirmed we reserve the right to suspend your Amazon.co.uk subscription.

To confirm your identity with us follow the link below:


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and we would like to thank you for your cooperation as we review this matter.

Copyright 2012 Amazon.co.uk. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to “if you have an Amazon account have you had this email : Amazon.co.uk Account Assistance‏ …..?”

  1. -·· · ·- -· says:

    im an amazon uk costumer and i haven’t had that email
    if you ever get an email like this never click on a link, go direct to "z" website and sign in, you’ll usually get some sort of information screen if there making changes or what not

    after a quick google just found this


  2. Kittysue says:

    That’s a phishing scam – delete it. It’s not from Amazon

  3. Ian 49 says:

    I also got that e-mail and deleted it immediately…i still log into my Amazon UK Account just as before and nothing has changed..it’s a scam.. :o)

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