If you have vouchers to use in a shop to the value of £15 and only use £12 is the store breaking any laws by ?

keeping the remaining £3 and not rolling it forward to use another time, this has just happened to my wife with birthday vouchers to use in a salon , they kept the 3 pounds .
Thanks for all your helpful replies ,going to ask the shop to carry the remaining monies over its only a few quid but its the principal

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11 Responses to “If you have vouchers to use in a shop to the value of £15 and only use £12 is the store breaking any laws by ?”

  1. lee s says:

    she should have got a small consumable like… errr not sure what for 3 quid but i see your point. It’s the principle of the matter.

    It would have taken me 20 minutes hard work to have earned that money and I’d be pi$$ed if someone told me they could take it just because. Write a letter to the salon manger explaining that they should be more transparent in their policy regarding the surplus worth of vouchers when spent. I bet it’s it’s in the small print that they don’t have to refund (font 3). but does anyone know the law? trading standards do though mate, write to them and complain too.

    You could have given your mrs 20 quid hard cash but thats not as thoughtful or romantic as a voucher.

  2. heli0path says:

    i dunno if thats against the law but it is well cheeky!!

    edit: why the thumbs down? it is cheeky! they paid 15 quid they shuda got 15 quids worth of stuff.

  3. Bo P says:

    nope its not illegal she should have bought a bottle of shampoo or something to make up the shortfall of £3.

  4. Beetroot Yourself says:

    It’s not breaking any laws, they usually state that the vouchers are "non cash redeemable". Your wife should’ve picked up something cheap like a nail varnish for £4.50 and paid the extra £1.50. That’s why gift cards are better as your balance is saved and can be added to at a later date with the swipe of a card.

    EDIT The people marking everyone down are idiots and have obviously never had anything to do with vouchers or gift cads in their lives (nor do they read the small print on anything).

  5. taz c says:

    Whenever I’ve spent vouchers, I’ve had any left over change given to me in store vouchers, so she ought to have been given £3 in store vouchers for next time.

  6. bails says:

    I’ll think you’ll find it says on the vouchers that no change will be given. Some places will give you the change back in vouchers but if the store doesn’t have vouchers to the value of £1 you will lose it.

  7. taxed till i die, says:

    In future buy something that costs more and pay the difference.If you read what it says on the vouchers it will say not redeemable for cash.

  8. *VAMPTASIA.* says:

    Your Wife should have had another voucher to the value of £3.00 They are not obliged to give you cash, though the remaining money unspent on a voucher is legally yours. Go back to the shop and demand you have either a voucher for the remaining amount, or choose something to make up the amount owing to you. Good Luck.

  9. Scobill says:

    A lot depends on what store it was . Most are fairly good at giving back some change even if the voucher does say it has to be used in full
    I have had a couple of occasions where this has happened to me and I got some change back , but it was a very small proportion of the value

  10. amy says:

    they should have given you change, but tht t+c’s on the back of vouchers may have suggested that they don’t treat them exactly like money and you have to spend the full amount.
    as it was a salon they may have presumed it was their tip?!

  11. chocaholic says:

    She should have received the £3 change in vouchers.
    The salon are within their rights not to give the change in cash, but your wife should have asked for a voucher for the change. Bloody cheek.

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