If You Pre-ordered The Last Of Us, Please Answer?

So I pre-ordered The Last of Us from Gamestop, and I got a code on the receipt. I know that’s to download the two DLC’s, but there is also a code on the paper that came inside of the game case. It’s called the “Voucher Code” I guess, and it says to activate the online pass or something. What is that? I know it’s not the same as the Season Pass, but I’m really confused.
Is the online pass only to activate online play? I still need the Season Pass to actually play the multiplayer though, right?

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2 Responses to “If You Pre-ordered The Last Of Us, Please Answer?”

  1. Silver Jack0 [T]/ says:

    The online pass is so you can play multiplayer, the season pass gives you the future DLC’s at a discounted price.
    If you pre-ordered at GameStop, the you’ll get a bunch of goodies, including the game’s soundtrack, two avatars, custom skins for single player and some bonuses for multiplayer.
    The DLC for the Season Pass has not been announced yet, look for more info in the future.

  2. Morzy says:

    The voucher you describe sounds like the online pass to gain access to the multiplayer features.
    I did not need this because I pre-ordered the game from the PS Store. But after I bought it I did notice that there was a “online pass” for sale as add-on content. The online pass is typically for multiplayer.
    Hope that helps.

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