If You Remove The Magnetic Strip, Off A Merchandise Or Product, Will That Set Off An Alarm?

This is just out off curiosity, so I don’t need a lecture about shoplifting..
Some time ago my friend stole an expensive cream from Shoppers drug mart, and did not get caught.. I asked how she did it, but she didn’t want to tell me..
Now I know that the shoppers drug mart, she went to has on all the products and merchandise, those small magnetic round wires, that look kind of like a round sticker, that you could rip off..
But if you remove this magnetic plastic sticker, or what ever you may call it.. Can it set off an alarm?.. This shoppers drug mart has Alarm doors, but I’m not referring to these alarm doors ringing if you remove the magnetic strip.. I mean some other alarm, that the security might have..
I read somewhere, that if you remove this magnetic strip it will set off the alarm, is this true?
Now this round plastic magnetic strip, looks like a round sticker, with like a round wire inside, it reads something that says, “This is for sale only at shoppers drug mart, if you see this on other stores please contact this number”, or something like that, and it provides a phone number.. I know this because Ive bought products from this shoppers, and read this on the round plastic sticker/magnetic strip. I also ripped off this round plastic sticker, its quite easy to remove.. If it says this on this round sticker, is it to fool you in to thinking that its not a
magnetic strip/ anti shoplift device? I’m not sure if it really is a magnetic strip?
If you remove this round magnetic strip inside the store will it set off an alarm.. Just wanted to know, because I don’t understand how my friend shoplifted without getting caught.. I think she rips off this magnetic strip, but not sure..

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One Response to “If You Remove The Magnetic Strip, Off A Merchandise Or Product, Will That Set Off An Alarm?”

  1. Kai says:

    Put it in someone’s cart and find out… My guess is yes it does.

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