If You Trade A Phone In Do You Get Cash Or Cheque?

I am wondering if i trade my phone in, i know how much money i will get but what do they give it you in? cash, cheque or voucher?!

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  1. bubblemo says:

    Depends where you trade it in. If you do it online at a site like mazuma then they can either send you a cheque or do a direct transfer to your bank, you choose which option you want.
    If you do it in a shop then normally they will take the price off of a new phone rather than give you cash – this is true of the major high street phone shops, but some smaller independent shops may give you cash for the phone.

  2. feed me says:

    This is the third time in 24 hrs you have asked what to do about your galaxy.
    Whatever you get for it is it going to be enough to cover the cost of cancelling the contract on it.
    Can i swap phones in a shop?
    I have had a samsung galaxy s3 for 6months but hardly used it, i would like a iphone, would i be able to swap it in store? I’m on contract and the iphone i want is the same price on contract
    Question 2:
    Would i be able to do this with my phone?
    On carphone warehouse it says you can trade your phone in. If i trade my samsung galaxy s3 in i would get over £200 but if someone traded in their iphone 4s they would only get £180 something. Would i be able to swap my samsung s3 for a iphone 4s? i’m on contract but it has never came out the box simply because i don’t really like my s3 and i have had it since decemeber. Would they be able to swap it for a traded in iphone?

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