If You Were Me, Would You Accept This Job?

This job is about interior sales.
If I accept this job, I will undergo a few months of training, and during this training period, I won’t be paid any single cent at all.
But on the positive side, once I start working, I will be able to make lots of money.
It’s a commission based job so if I managed to sell the company’s products to the client, I will earn 40% which is a few thousand dollars. But the boss mentioned that this job is quite a tough job.
If you were me, would you accept this job? Or would you look for another job?

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2 Responses to “If You Were Me, Would You Accept This Job?”

  1. The Death of Love says:

    I would accept this job dude!!! 40% is BIG!!

  2. Fluff says:

    It wouldn’t be for me, but sales aren’t my thing. However, if I was unemployed I take it in a heart beat.

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