If Your Section 8 Lease Gets Terminated Does That Mean You Cant Rent In Subsidized Houseing?

I got a notice saying that my section 8 hud voucher is being terminated and i cant not receive rental assistance for 5 years does the just mean like public housing and section 8 hud voucher or what because i want to know if i would be able to rent in subsidized housing?? need to know ASAP!!!!!

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  1. Flower says:

    That means you cannot be in any Section 8 or federal housing program for 5 years. Public housing is federal housing and has a waiting list so you could not get in there. You may find a local subsidized housing program if it is not federally funded but if you dont have good references you may not get that either. If your voucher has been terminated but not evicted, you can stay in your current building but you have to pay the whole rent.

  2. Aaron says:

    If your HUD voucher has been terminated it basically means that your subsidy has ended. Not sure what the appeals process is (if any), what has likely been the case is your Section 8 benefit was only for a predetermined length of time and has now expired.
    What you may have to do now, is apply to the authority at the public housing property where you live and find out if you still meet the income criteria in order to maintain residency. You’ll have to answer to them anyway as the lease terms have changed now that you no longer receive Section 8 assistance, which means you may be able to keep your apartment except you’ll have to pay more for it.
    My advice, if you have a decent-paying job and no other extenuating circumstances move out and find an apartment in a better area. Being dependent on government assistance should never be long term, and only permanent if you are physically or mentally disabled and can’t provide for yourself.
    Good luck.

  3. unhappy_ says:

    Subsidized housing is public housing. You must have done something for them to revoke your voucher.
    The answer is NO, you can’t get subsidized housing, it’s basically the same as Section 8. One is Federal Government assistance and the other is your local housing authority.

  4. M W says:

    It means you do not qualify for any housing assistance. Public housing is included in that. No subsidized housing for 5 years.

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