Illegal Breed Sale Uk – Pit Bulls.?

I have a few ads on websites like: Preloved, Gumtree, etc, and I always look at the puppies (just ’cause they’re cute) and I came across an AD which I believe to be an illegal breed? As many people know – American Pit Bulls are illegal in this country (UNITED KINGDOM).
The advertisers comments are as follows: Four female American blue eyed puppy pitts 6 week old £400 each all beautiful dogs really well looked after loving and loyal great family dogs first to see will buy located in leeds please no time wasters thank you all for looking !!!.
They don’t appear to be American Bulldogs, not at all.
Hard to tell if they’re Staffordshire Terriers or not – but they look a little different than the usual British Staffy!
Here’s a link to the AD, for reference:…
She specifically says ‘AMERICAN blue eye puppy PITTS’ – assuming pitbull…
What do you think about this? Is there anything to be done?

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4 Responses to “Illegal Breed Sale Uk – Pit Bulls.?”

  1. Me And My Zoo. says:

    The ad is gone,,,

  2. blueshis says:

    It’s probably a American Bulldog but in reality less then 1% of trained experts can correctly identify a true APBT.
    You must realize there are 3 standard of the American Bulldog accepted by the AKC. We most often visualize the classic bully standard but these pups could be the standard class.
    Pit is also a general term much like bully to classify about 30 breeds of dog.
    Short of DNA test there is no certainty.
    in my personal opinion BSL has one thing right. The BS part.

  3. Stacey says:

    Why do you even care?
    If it is a major issue to you contact the police.

  4. ☆ VM Benitez ☆ says:

    Report the advert or do nothing because the pups may be temperamentally sound and may make nice pets for someone. Problem is good breeders do not flout the law and sensible people do not knowingly purchase banned types of dog, so more likely to be sold to the wrong type of owner.
    Either way you are correct that in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 it is illegal to breed, sell or give away a banned type of dog, of which the Pit Bull (deliberate catch all wording to include mixes) is one.

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