I'm 13 and have £25 spare cash. Any ideas on things to buy, even some good deals you've spotted?

Like as in good deals on things a 13 year old would be interested in. Thanks!

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9 Responses to “I'm 13 and have £25 spare cash. Any ideas on things to buy, even some good deals you've spotted?”

  1. ღ♥ღLaurieღ♥ღ(my nickname from my grandparents) says:

    I don’t know what your interests are so am kind of flying by chance here.
    Perhaps a book…Do you enjoy reading?
    I am not sure what that amount is I live in the USA.
    Maybe perfume my teen was in to that at your age.
    Are you wanting something more costly on a wish list? If so perhaps save that for going that way.
    Is there any music you are wanting perhaps do that.
    Maybe a ice cream cone.
    I don’t know your interests. I would’ve used it at a swimming pool or a pair of jeans when I was your age. I am now forty one well soon to be that 🙂
    Do you have a pet? Perhaps something for your pet?
    Or nail polish…

    Good luck.

    A mom of teens in the USA

  2. Cherrypicker says:

    Go to Primark and buy yourself a load of fashionable tat.

  3. Ches J says:

    Why not just save it and then when you have some free time, go shopping with your friends.
    I would spend mine on clothes and CDs really…

  4. Bambi brown says:

    Save £15 and spend the rest , even if its SPARE cash you can still treat yourself and have some for that little something that comes along unexpectedly,( that I always see when I havent got any money on me!!!)

  5. cheeky says:


  6. Little Bear says:

    i would save it, but then I’m old and boring!!

  7. Remy B says:

    Go to the pictures, there are so many good films out at the moment 🙂

  8. beetlejuicemrburns says:

    Save £15 and go to the pictures with the other tenner…

  9. Sean Joseph Thomas R says:

    you could buy 26 mars bars for that

    what could be better?

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