I’m 13 And I Want To Lose Weight?

I am 5″2 and 135 lbs. I want to be skinny again, but once I started to eat fast food, I gained weight rapidly. I want to know what I can do and eat so I can lose weight and be my old self again. Thanks xxx.

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  1. Natalia says:

    Hi! Well since you’re 13 you cant go on diets like salads and tuff cos you need your protein to grow and calories to be healthy. Don’t buy “diet makes” of food in the supermarket,cos that’s just for adults.
    The best thing for you to do is go running. Buy a sweat belt to loose more (on http://www.amazon.co.uk or go to a supermarket,they will know what you mean ;)).
    Go running twice a day: before school and afternoon/evening for 1-3 hours each. Drink lots of water or you will get dehydrated and may faint. Bye energy bars (not the chocolate cereal bars!). You can run without the sweat belt,but you will burn more fat with it. Don’t buy “fat loosening” or “0” yogurts because that is bad for kids. You still have to have calcium,but a lot of products have that so don’t buy cheese,have normal milk (again,not the ”non-fattening” milk,and either activia,plain or plain fruit ones (not the kiddies stuff). Maybe ask your mum for sum advise but if she says -“you don’t need to loose wait,you’re being ridiculous” or something like that,just grab some cash and water and you’re running kit and head down to asda or wherever and buy energy bars,sweat belt,yogurt and a orange on go running for a bit. When you get home,have a piece of chicken (try to avoid meat or steak for a week or two,if you can) and veggies,water (no fizzy drinks,or carton juice,just water and home made orange juice). You will be yourself in no time!

  2. Whatever says:

    WeLl don’t do a strict diet to not eat something forever or for a long .No that’s not the right way if u want to do a diet you eat everything but with a limited amount like instead of eating a whole plate of macaroni eat half a plate of macaroni if u eat chocolates like 5 a day eat 1 a day try to cut down on sweets etc. while exercising like walking once a day that will make u lose like 1kg-3kg a week depending on ur body

  3. Shweta says:

    NO DIETS!….just eat ur veggies, don’t eat junk food, n exercise as much as u can

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