I’m Being Treated With Prejudice At This Mexican Restaurant I Got A Job At?

I thought it was my impression, but I feel like I get a lot of dirty looks and ppl stare at me.
I feel like maybe they don’t want whites working there.
so then I over heard a guy who was staring at me a lot say ” gee there’s a lot of white people working here now”. and he made a point to stare at me before they left like they were not comming back or something.
I dont want to cost the place business if mexicans stop going becasue of me. I’m very nice to ppl and do my job. should I just quit?
its only part time also.
I like that I can get a dinner discount even though the food gives me diarrea.
but white peopel go there to eat and drink too but the staff is mainly mexican which is fine but I noticed they just seem weird around me or judgemental? its hard to explain.
but for sure I think that I am getting funny looks and stares from ppl that are mexican. I do not get this from any whites who work there or eat there.
-thanks. I’m thinking of quiting but so far I anjoy the job. Its a little stressful and I think its stingy they throw away left overs as a rule and we cant have it but oh well. otherwise the job is easy but low pay too. I’m kind of keeping it I guess untill something else pops up but I enjoy working there for the most part.
I’m just paranoid my hours will get cut or something.

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3 Responses to “I’m Being Treated With Prejudice At This Mexican Restaurant I Got A Job At?”

  1. Antonio says:

    Im latino. And being truthful. Mexicans working in restraunts are shitty people. Ignore their crap, just remind them that when ice comes thru I get to come back to work lmao….**** them putos

  2. Herritag says:

    you might put out this different vibe then they are used to and they pick it up as something thats not politically correct. or like you said they are just discriminative against you.
    ironic they are in American but act like its MExicans only in thier little areas or places they managed to take over.
    however in this case its a mexican place so if I were you I would just try to ignore people but if the managers stare at you funny then you know something is up and its them too.
    I worked for a company run by asians and liberals. They requested I leave because for some reason they can detect I’m conservative. not sure how but ppl are more in tune now .
    Also its possible you accidentally stare at people or give them racist or dirty looks as well and they are just responding…
    and Or you catch them staring and do not lower yourself so they retaliate as they are used to whites being push overs and bending over to diversity.
    but in this case you are in “thier restaurant” but this is still American and its YOUR land.
    imagine a mexican restaurant in Germany thats prejudice agaisnt Germans? LOL

  3. James says:

    You are definitely the target of unwanted, undeserved discrimination. And, there is nothing you can do about that. ALL you can control are YOUR words, and YOUR actions. You are absolutely NOT responsible for the way other people act. If it pleases you keep your job. But, always treat people just like the way you would like to be treated. That takes strength of character. There is nothing weak about being decent.

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