Im Building My First Computer. Will This Work?

Im 15 and I’m building my first computer. It is designed for gaming, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of any parts I should change, baring in mind it must be below £1000 with accessories and not lose too much performance. Most importantly, will these all work!

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2 Responses to “Im Building My First Computer. Will This Work?”

  1. FloydT3 says:

    Get rid of the SATA II hard drive and select a SATA III hard drive (7200 rpm) for your mass storage device. Other than that, it looks good.

  2. Anonymou says:

    You need a power supply. I personally use an OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W. If its too expensive with a power supply, go with an i3-3220 instead (or, preferably, drop the SSD, since the only thing it helps in gaming is load times). The gaming performance of an i3 vs an i5 isn’t very noticeable unless you play very CPU intensive games such as WoW and StarCraft II. Or you could always go with AMD. I have an FX-4100 and I love it. Great price, plus it’s easily overclockable. Skyrim runs flawlessly with a GTX 560 SE. But other than that, looks great. Hope this helps.

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