Im doing a sale but HELP!!?

first of all im not asking you to come help lol!! but i do need you to answers these questions for me and so i know what ones you’ve answered answer them like this e.g:
3. etc etc

so hear are the questions
1. how do i make my sale noticeable ( i cant put posters up as well i live in a small road)
2. do i do receipts when people by the stuff
3. do i do refund and exchange
4. how to be a good sales lady
5. do i put all the things im selling along my wall and put my stool behind or do i get a table (but i don’t have a square long table)

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One Response to “Im doing a sale but HELP!!?”

  1. Xoxo Xoxo says:

    1) post leaflets at everyones door (even if its just a drawing photocopied). get all of your friends to spread the word around as well, you could even perhaps put one poster at the beginning of your road?

    2) if its just you selling stuff you dont really need to do receipts…. if you must then writing the amount and product with your signature will be fine (its not like the people coming to the sale will sue you or anything…)

    3) you dont usually refund or exchange at sales? i think youre thinking of planning more of a shop than a casual sale… you can just compromise with the person and exchange it for something of equal value

    4) be polite, smile and say hi to everyone that comes,, make sure you dont forget people and not serve those who have been waiting for ages, have some sort of money box to make it easier to give change etc, try and entice people, call people who are passing by, you could even do some sort of promotion… eg spend over $10 and get a free cookie? something like that

    5) its best to put it on a table, so everythings on view and you can see whos buying what… do you have even a largish dining table? if not you could have big boxes aligned across and put the things in categories, make it look appealing too

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