I’m From Tennessee And Is Looking To Relocate To Atlanta, Georgia But I Would Like To Start Off Small.?

Does anyone of of any section 8 websites for the Georgia Area or extended stays, please help me out I’m like in need of information and advice because I’m getting to the point where I’m really tired of Tennessee. There is nothing here. At the same time I’m a little scared I don’t want to relocate and not be able to find a decent place and end up assed out.

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  1. postal p says:

    Ensure that your family falls within HUD’s income threshold for the county or metropolitan area where you reside. Across areas, HUD caps Section 8 eligibility at 50 percent of the median income. For instance, in the Atlanta metro region, a family of four must make $35,900 or less to qualify for Section 8 assistance. In less affluent Dalton, Georgia, that number drops to $26,200, as of October 2010.
    Contact the public housing agency that administers the Section 8 program where you live. The Georgia Department of Community of Affairs handles Section 8 in most Georgia counties. Local housing authorities run the program in several other counties, namely those that comprise the Atlanta metropolitan area. DCA has maps at its website that you can use to determine who to contact.
    Ask DCA or your local housing authority about the status of its Section 8 wait list. An October 2010 review of several counties at DCA’s wait list status website revealed that a vast majority of counties in DCA’s territory are not accepting Section 8 applications. According to the Atlanta Housing Authority’s website, its Section 8 waiting list is also closed, as of October 2010. The Code of Federal Regulations requires Section 8 administrators to issue public notice in newspapers and through other media ahead of reopening their waiting lists.
    Fill out an application when your area’s list reopens. The application requires you to provide information about your household composition and income. When your name comes to the top of the waiting list or if there is immediate Section 8 availability in your area, DCA or your local housing authority will schedule a meeting where you must confirm your eligibility. You will need to document household makeup using birth certificates and Social Security numbers; and income with items such as paycheck stubs and tax returns. If your application is complete, DCA or local housing authority staff will issue you a Section 8 voucher shortly thereafter.

  2. Flower says:

    If you dont have a voucher already, there is a cut in Sec 8 funding everywhere. If you have your voucher, finish out your current lease, tell your case worker where you want to move and she will try to arrange that with the Housing Authority in Georgia. It is up to them to transfer you.

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